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Motors & Drives

A motor driver acts as an interface between the motor and control circuits to control the speed, torque, direction and resulting horsepower of a motor in machinery or equipment. In a system implementation, a motor driver protects the microcontroller from damage that would be caused by the large currents required to drive a motor.

Rotary or linear actuators are employed in motor drivers to rotate and push parts of a machine with precision. Used for motion control, the motor drivers rely on either an angular or linear position to help achieve a specific velocity and acceleration.

Symmetry offers motor drivers from Monolithic Power Systems, a leading manufacturer. Our smart motor control boards are used in servo motor applications that require speed and precision control. We also offer single-phase, brushless, DC motor drivers with integrated power MOSFETs and a Hall effect sensor. These drivers are used for CPU fans for personal computers or servers and for brushless DC motors.

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