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With over 20 years of history and over 30 million IoT antennas deployed, Ignion is revolutionizing antenna design by making it easy for anyone, even developers with little or no RF expertise. Based in Barcelona, Spain with offices in Shenzhen, China and Tampa, Florida, Ignion has assembled a leading R&D and engineering team whose mission is to make RF easier and more predictable using their innovative Virtual Antenna®components and complimentary ground-breaking AI/ML-powered cloud service, the Antenna Intelligence Cloud™ powered by AWS that together meet the ever-evolving requirements of IoT wireless connectivity.

If you are looking to achieve reliable connectivity in your next IoT design, Ignion has you covered, The free antenna design digital twin will allow you to model your antenna design in the cloud and get a comprehensive performance reports without the need to prototype, saving time and expense in your design journey, Any of the versatile Virtual Antenna® component in the portfolio of just 6 products can cover all frequencies from 400MHz to 10, 600 MHz which makes them an ideal solution for most IoT applications including smart metering, asset tracking, automotive telematics and more.

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