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KYOCERA AVX Components

KYOCERA AVX Components

KYOCERA AVX is a manufacturer and supplier of passive components and interconnect solutions. A subsidiary of KYOCERA Corporation, they’re committed to total customer satisfaction through continuous improvement, made possible through the combined resources and technical expertise. With a large global footprint, KYOCERA AVX is made up of research, development, and manufacturing facilities across more than 15 countries. 

By designing, developing, manufacturing, and supplying advanced capacitors, antennas, interconnects, circuit protection and timing devices, sensors, controls, filters, fuses, diodes, resistors, couplers, and inductors, KYOCERA AVX works to solve tomorrow’s design challenges with an unmatched, innovative approach. 

From IoT to aerospace, and automotive to consumer electronics, industrial, medical, and military markets, KYOCERA AVX offers a vast portfolio of products and services for the most complicated design challenges you’ve got. With years of technical experience and industry expertise, they’re committed to supplying the products you need to excel across industries.
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