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Silicon Motion

Silicon Motion

Silicon Motion is the world’s leader in developing NAND flash controllers for solid-state drives (SSDs) and other solid-state storage devices. With more than 20 years of experience, Silicon Motion offers a broad portfolio of specialized processor ICs to manage NAND components and deliver best-in-class storage for smartphones, PCs, data centers, and other commercial and industrial applications. 

The company’s unique, customizable IC plus related firmware controller platforms and turnkey controller solutions make Silicon Motion the leading merchant supplier of SSD controllers used in PCs and other devices, as well as eMMC/UFS controllers for smartphones and IoT devices. 

Silicon Motion specializes in high-capacity specialty SSD solutions, as well as single-chip form-factor SSDs for use across industries. Founded in 1995 in San Jose, CA, the company now operates from corporate offices in Hong Kong, Taiwan, and the United States. 
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