Momentoitalia - black forest modern designer cuckoo clocks. A revival of the old times cuckoos in a modern design style.
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Remember the old blackforest cuckoo clocks? now you can get a new modern version of a classic piece! We have modern cuckoo clocks with joyful birds singing on a black forest sound background. Enjoy our modern versions of the famous cuckoo clocks.You can hear the black forest sound as a background while the cuckoo comes out and sing. At night he stays quiet! Regulate the volume on high,low or off control!

modern cuckoo clocks gifts ideas, modern gifts, Italian made cuckoo clocks
modern cuckoo clocks gifts ideas

CUCU 114

A combination of geometric shapes form this modern cuckoo which comes available in so many beautiful colors, a perfect modern gift. The structure is lacquered MDF with specific details in solid wood, such as the cuckoo roun opening, the clock quadrant . The colors available are cream, orange, yellow, green and light blue. The cuckoo sings every hour but you can turn it off at any time. Thanks to a light sensor it stays quiet at night. 14.2" x 8" x 5.1" d.

Made in Italy.

$ 389.00 SALE $ 340.00 free shipping

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Interesting shapes with so many details makes this clock a lovely addiction to our collection. Called chalet it reminds those Alpine wooden homes imagine how lovely would look in your living room warming up your space and available in different colors. Available in cream color with birchwood front panel painted cherry color, yellow or green .The cuckoo has its little windows where it comes out from and the pendulum is nicely shaped into a half moon. The cuckoo stays quiet at night. 15" x 15" x 4.7" .

Made in Italy.

$ 545.00 SALE $ 399.00 free shipping

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modern clocks cuckoo gifts


How many words we could use to describe this clock! Most certainly the cutest clock we've ever had! We love the color combination, the material and the theme and concept. The wooden bird pendulum and the cat on the roof on a hunting mission is just too nice. This is a piece of art! Made of fine woods such as birch wood and beech wood. Italian design and quality, the cuckoo can be set at a high,low or off volume. It strikes at every hour but it can be switched off, while a light sensor make it stays quiet at night. While striking, you can hear waterfalls on the background. Battery feeding. 19.7" x 9.5" x 5.1"

Made in Italy.

$ 650.00 SALE $ 389.00 free shipping

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Design: A. Farina. What a vibrant design and lovely color combo for this modern cuckoo clock. Another winning incredibly beautiful modern cuckoo clock, another smart idea! Printed design on MDF wood. The cuckoo sings every hour while it sleeps at night. It is also equipped with a high-low-off volume controls. 17.3" x 8.2" x 3.8".

Made in Italy.

$ 450.00 SALE $ 299.00 free shipping

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modern cuckoo clocks
cuckoo clock modern design Italian designer gifts ideas


A cuckoo home very well design with its burgundy roof and the bird windows and sparkling colors. The cuckoo sings each hour but it can also be switched off anytime.There is a high/low/off volumen control and thanks to a led sensor the cuckoo stays quiet at night!11.8" x 5.1" x 4.7"

Made in Italy.

$ 410.00 SALE $ 299.00 free shipping

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MARCONI - cuckoo clock

Design: Caruso D'angeli Studio. This cuckoo clock is inspired by Guglielmo Marconi the Italian inventor and electrical engineer known for his pioneering work on long distance radio transmission and for his developtment of radio telegraphic transmission. A great inspiration with lots of history and a beautiful design available in three colors in the colors of the Italian flag. Made of mdf wood. Green white or red. Size 11" w x 7" h x 4.3" d. Quartz movement. Battery feeding.

Made in Italy.

$ 445.00 SALE $ 369.00 free shipping


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