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In need of a perfect gift? Are you looking for unique gift ideas? Then these modern cuckoo clocks will be your perfect git. They are a wonderful gift for every occasion either this be a wedding, a birthday, Holidays gifts or corporate . They are modern, they are luxurious, they are fun, they are positive and have a happy design. Enjoy these superb modern clocks for yourself or your beloved ones.


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modern cuckoo clocks design gifts ideas holidays birthday wedding corporate gifts



Whimsical design for these modern cuckoo clock bringing us back to nature with this organic shape the with a clear reference to the mountains and the word of mother nature. Available in two colors, light gray or black this cuckoo clock which takes its name from a famous Italian mountain pass is made of mdf wood.. The little bird has its cute round little opening on top of the hands quadrant and two strasses are applied to represent the eyes of this misterious character. A very cute modern gift idea which will be perfect for any home style either this be modern or a little more contemporary, a countryside home or a gateway house. Available also for corporate gifts. The cuckoo can be set at a high,low or off volume. It strikes at every hour but it can be turned off, while a light sensor makes it quiet at night. Battery feeding. 22"h x 11" w x 4.3".

Made in Italy.

$ 450.00 SALE $ 339.00 free shipping

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We love love love this cuckoo clock! What a perfect gift idea so fun to look at, it almost feels like it's telling you a story all the time! A fantastic design so full of precious details, realized with prestigious wood and a inlay work technique which makes it more preciouse! You can use it on the wall or on a surface, i love the color combination and definitely will catch every person eye! Italian made, The bird sings every hour with its amazing sound. Have the option to make it quiet by turning the volume off or low, or listen to its wonderful cuckoo singing with high volume. At night the cuckoo clock stays quiet thank to a light sensor which allows it to shut it off with peach dark. Battery feeding. 19.7" x 12.2" x 4.3".

Made in Italy.

$ 640.00 SALE $ 469.00 free shipping

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modern cuckoo clocks design gifts ideas corporate wedding


We consider this modern cuckoo clock a work of art! We love the metal and wood combination surely a successful one in the long term! Imagine how easily it can fit in any home, with any design, either this be modern or contemporary. Imagine what a lovely gift this wold be. With its modern and clever design it will satisfy every taste! Furthermore it has a compat size so you will have no problem in fitting in your home or giving it as a gift to your beloved one. The structure is made of metal and beech wood, or available in color combination black and beech wood. If you are looking for a perfect gift idea this cuckoo clock will not disappoint! 11.8h x 6.7"w x 4.7" d without pendulum.

Made in Italy.

$ 550.00 SALE $ 365.00 free shipping

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CU CU LA 101

This modern cuckoo clock is very very elegant so if you are looking for an elegant gift this will surely make the deal! You must look closely to see every single lovely detail like the little window which open up to reveal the cuckoo, the roof and the chimney, the quadrant with roman numbers and the large pendulum and the deco hands. The color combination is very sophisticated as well, the rusty red with black details and the very nice white and red combo. This is a well thought and realized modern cuckoo clock which will make a perfect gift idea. The clock is made of lacquered wood and beech wood. The cuckoo system is same as all of the other cuckoos with high,low,off volume and a light sensor so the night it does not come out. Battery feeding and German cuckoo clock system. 14.7"h x 7.9"w x 4.5" d.

Made in Italy.

$ 580.00 SALE $ 399.00 free shipping

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modern cuckoo clock design gift ideas modern gifts


Lovely modern design very well thought and realized. Color combination blends perfectly with the design. The cat relaxes on the roof under the moonlight while the bird carefully check the situation! Available in black and red or light wood and yellow, it is made of beech wood. If you are in need of a modern gift this clock will make the perfect object to give to your beloved ones, for holidays gifts, birthday gifts, wedding gifts or corporate gifts. The cuckoo system is same as all of the other cuckoos with high,low,off volume and a light sensore so the night it does not come out. Battery feeding and German cuckoo clock system. 14.6"h x 6.7" x 4.5"

Made in Italy.

$ 565.00 SALE $ 369.00 free shipping

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Modern cuckoo clock made by simple geometric shapes with an accent on the solid larch wood with visible veneer and wood knots which makes it more special. The light wood and lacquered wood in red make the perfect match. The pendulum shows a little making the whole a perfect balanced design. Red and larch wood color. Cuckoo clock mechanism and Italian craftmanship. It has a low-high-off volume button and at night it stays quiet because a light sensor prevent it from singing. 17.3" h x 11.03" w x 4.3" d.

Made in Italy

$ 650.00 SALE $ 389.00 free shipping

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