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Momentoitalia lets you redefined you home in many different way. Any informal area may become of absolute design and enrich your home to create the perfect design space. That is why our modern kitchen stools are researched and grant completely satisfaction. From modern sleek look to more contemporary style you can match our modern kitchen bar stools for your kitchen areas, counters, or bar area. The infinite collection of colors lets you find the perfect shade. Another very special optional of our kitchen modern stools is that each stool model includes also dining chairs, armchairs and tables. Therefore you can create omogeneous dining room areas of exquisite design.


modern kitchen bar stools


modern bar stools counter stools kitchen stools contemporary italian furniture

Cod. BAR 06

These bar stools are elegant and comfortable and feature a full leather body from top to bottom. The leather wrap up seat and back and embrace the metal structure of the legs. Imagine the color effect in your kitchen or bar area a stunning visual color addition. Very elegant also in dark colors such as black, lovely in white. The extra feature is that the cover is completely removable. Aluminum structure completely covered with leather.

Bar stool version: 16.5" w x 18.7" d x 45" t.h x 30" s.h.

Made in Italy

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Cod. QD 20

Design: Giorgio Manzali. Trendy modern bar stools which can be used in any kitchen, as a counter stool or in a restaurant/bar. Chrome base and leather seat.

Low stool size: 15"x17"x24"/22".High stool size: 15"x17"x35"/32"

Made in Italy.

IN STOCK: dark brown - black

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Cod. QD 22

Design: D. Molteni. Elegant eye catching bar stools with a steel painted frame completely covered with thick leather. To grant more comfort the seat has been padded with polyurethane foam.

High stool size: 17.7"x18.8"x38.2"/30". Low stool size: 17.3"x18.8"x34.2"/26".

Made in Italy.

IN STOCK: dark brown - white - black.


Cod. QD 19

Design: Giorgio Manzali. Sleek lightweight design for this stylish counter stool. It features a swivel chrome frame and a gas piston and height adjustable seat made of wood.

Low stool size: 15"x17"x24"/22" . High stool size: 15"x17"x35"/32"

Made in Italy.

IN STOCK: dark brown oak wood or light oak wood


modern bar stools italian furniture counter stools kitchen stools

modern outdoor furniture stools bar stool

Cod. QD 021

Design: Yoshino Toshiyuki. With a captivating and aggressive design this modern bar stools reach high level of comfort due to its shaped structure and embracing back. No angles or shaped corners. Available in polypropilene white color or leather covered dark brown color.

Low stool size: 18.5"x20"x35" seat 22". High stool size: 18.5"x20"x35" seat 32"

Made in Italy.

IN STOCK: white color polypropilene or dark brown leather


Cod.ODR 32

Design: Cristophe Pillet. High tech modern armchair, chair and stool colletction made of stainless steel white or black color with full seat and back pillow or seat pillows. Simple modern outdoor furniture. Available for your indoor and outdoor living spaces. Pillows available for indoor and outdoor use in different colors and textures.

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