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Italian modern wall units. Modern configurations for your living room furniture. For your relaxing time, for your time spent with your friends, for an upscale living experience our modular wall units are characterized by functionality, a modern design and the personalization you can give by designing your own composition. A wall system impossible not to notice. Because we design to bring you the latest trends in modern Italian furniture.


modern wall units

modern wall units

Cod. LWS 26

A clean minimalistic modern wall unit which reminds of simple lines yet shows functional details. Two long modern base units may be used as tv stands and feature large drawers or folding doors. The two horizontal cabinets are used as storage units and featuring a flap up door . The large square cabinet with glass doors is ideal for extra storage. Either if you looking for a modern wall unit for your entertainment area or a clean modern composition for your living room or simple you just need to fill up an empty wall, this wall unit will not overtake your space instead it will add up elegance and style. This modern wall unit is available in high gloss lacquer, matt lacquer, wood or mixed materials. Some accent pieces include special doors, glass doors, perforated doors, handles and special modern lacquered finishes.

Available in different sizes. 27 lacquer colors and 3 wood fiinishes. Horizontal cabinets 65" lenght x 15" depth . Base units 65" lenght each x 26" depth. Square cabinet 43.3"x43.3"x15".

Made in Italy.

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Cod. LWS 27

Superb modern design, functionality and elegance, quality and technology. Modern pieces which perfectly blend together to create design, pure forms, simple dynamics. A perfect mix of functional design in this perfect modern wall unit with a popular layout. Ideal for any kind of space , it is flexible and modular. Available in different sizes, it is composed by 2 base units available with drawers or folding doors, 4 vertical cabinets put together to create two long columns and 4 thin shelves. The modern thin shelves makes the composition feel lighter. The 4 large orange handles add up a touch of color. Available in different sizes and different finishes: you can choose between 27 different modern lacquer colors in high gloss or matt and 3 different wood finishes. Exceptional Italian design wall units.

As shown: 2 base units 65" each for a total 130", towers 87" high, shelves 65" long. Different sizes available.

Made in Italy.

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Cod. LWS 50

For those in need of a simple modern wall storage unit, this wall fastening storage cabinets have a modern look and are very functional. They are available in different sizes and can contribute to create a nice wall unit or complement a TV unit with a simple modern style and a touch of color. Available in matt lacquer in 27 different colors, with 3 or 5 doors with standard opening system or flap down opening system. You can combine this hanging storage cabinet with any other piece of our modern wall units collection. Add up cute thick or thin shelves, horizontal or vertical elements, base units or storage pieces. Italian modern furniture with high quality and superior design.

As shown: each cabinet 45" x 15" x 32" height.

Made in Italy.

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Cod. LWS 51

Simple linear modern wall system with a clean minimalistic design. Very nice combination which can perfectly fit any wall for your living room area, spare rooms, studios and any empty wall. Made up by a long low bench in matt lacquer and one hanging storage element with combination of modern matt lacquer colors. This system is available in 27 different coloros or you can combine other wood elements. The low bench is also available in high gloss lacquer. Through our modular wall unit system you can create your own personalized unit by combining different elements to better fit your space. Our Italian modern furniture design wall system gives you the advantage of be part in your home decor and choose what you feel is best for your home. Different sizes available.

As shown: bench 87" x 20 or- hanging unit 66" width x 32" height x 15" depth.

Made in Italy.

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modern wall units italian furniture designer unit wall

modern bookcase bookshelf italian design designer Italy contemporary book shelf case bookcase


Cod. LWS 52

Wall hanging cabinet unit with storage compartment available in different sizes and combinable with other elements of our wall unit program. This modern storage unit has open compartments while the other side features perforated doors which are very nice and give a unique style to this element. These kind of modern decor doors are also useful for using remote control and TV equipment without opening the door itself. Structure is available with wood or matt lacquer while the doors are available in matt lacquer or plain doors in high gloss lacquer. The bookshelf in the picture is also part of our program and is available in different sizes as well. Hanging cabinet

size: 130" lenght - 15" depth - 30" height from floor.

Made in Italy.

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Cod. LWS 53

For those who like to collect books and decor accessories here is a gorgeous modern bookcase with open shelves compartment and compartment with doors. Very flexible and modular, you can choose between different sizes. The structure is available in wood in three different wood finishes and the inside is wood as well. Or you can choose inside and outside in matt lacquer , available in 27 different modern colors. Doors can also be high gloss lacquer in 27 different colors.

As shown: 130" lenght - 15" depth - 88" height. Different sizes available.

Made in Italy.

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