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There are many different types of tv units and tv stands. Our tv units are of extreme high quality and feature a built in sond system with amplifier. For a totally new experience and a modern home theater entertainment area these tv units are a luxury piece of furniture. We have a wide selection of wall units which can be combined with our modern tv stands or alone for modern design entertainment furniture.


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modern modular wall units italian design modern contemporary furniture

Cod. TV 26

Modern wall unit composition made by differen wall hanging elements and a long low bench. The hanging elements feature 3 push and pull doors each and are divided in 3 compartment with 1 glass shelf each which is adjustable in height. They are very modern and can be used starting with 1 square module of 21.65" x 21.65" and adding up single modules. In the picture they have 3 square unit of a total lenght of 65" inches. Available in 3 modern wood finishes or exquisite matt or high gloss lacquer colors. Extra details and optionals apply. The finish shown in the picture is hand-made foiling finish in silver color ad is available only on specific request at extra cost, subject to availability. The low bench unit is wood available in light oak, tobacco oak or wenge oak only. Beautiful modern Italian furniture wall units with lots of different element to be combined as per customer own choice. Different sizes available.

As shown 130" long.

Made in Italy.

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Cod. LWS 62

If you are looking for a light wall unit composition and put things in order this is the perfect wall unit for you. A very light combination of shelves and a long sleek bench keep the wall clean and sleek while two extra side vertical storage elements offer storage space without compromising too much the whole set. The low bench with feet is available in walntu, light oak or wenge oak. The thin shelves are available in white or black lacquer or silver color. The vertical storage cabinets are available in wood , matt lacquer or high gloss lacquer. Inside they feature 3 different compartments with shelves. You can have push-pull doors or large chrome or orange handles. Different sizes available.

Made in Italy.

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modern wall units bookcases italian design wall system


Cod. LWS 22

Simple square elements can create many different designs. By playing with these square storage units you can personalize your wall and make a composition which better fit your needs. Each square module is 21.65" x 21.65" and depth may be 15" or 20" . Available in matt lacquer or high gloss lacquer or also wood . In the picture on the left that wall unit is made up by 8 square modules with an empty spot while on the right it is shown two low base units in high gloss color as well.

Different sizes are available.

Made in Italy.

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Cod. LWS 18

Sleek modern beautiful Italian design and quality for this exquisiyte modern wall unit composition with a few simple element which hold the secret for a minimalistic approach to modern design. Choose the Itailan quality which is expressed in its design but mostly in the little details not visible to the customers but mandatory if you need a long lasting high quality piece. Feel the Italian quality in the lacquer workmanship, in the inside finishes, in the high quality standards hardware use in our modular wall units program. This composition is made by a simple wall fastened cabinet unit in high gloss lacquer with push-pull opening doors and two thick shelves in high gloss as well. Choose wood, matt or high gloss lacquer available in 27 different colors. Wood finishes are light oak, wenge oak or tobacco oak. Different sizes are available.

As shown: lenght 130"

Made in Italy.

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modern wall units italian designer furniture contemporary modular wall unit


Cod. LWS 20

Simple wall unit made up by 5 single elements for a modern straight look a perfect design for your Tv system or home entertainment setup. Two base units comes with drawers or folding doors. Two vertical storage cabinets represent a very useful choice for books,dvd,cds or if you are using this wall unit for your living room you can store glasses and much more! The storage haning cabinets are available with push and pull door opening or with handles. Inside they feature 1 glass shelf per compartment which is adjustable at different heights. You can choose this modern Italian wall unit furniture in high gloss lacquer, matt lacquer or wood. Different sizes available for every element.

As shown: 152" lenght - 26" depth - 65" height.

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Cod. LWS 57

Horizontal modern storage elements which are freely hanged on the wall. Create several modern combination with these elements or combine them with other elements from our wall unit system. Each of the element is available in two different sizes. The doors is a flap door with handle. Choose also push-pull opening system. These modern wall unit cabinets are available in wood,matt lacquer or high gloss lacquer. You can use and mount on the wall following your own taste and creativity or combine them with base units, shelves, square elements and vertical element. The lenght of these elements can be 65" or 43.3" and can reach longer sizes by combining two or more elements. There are 27 different modern colors available for you so you can find the color you were looking for to match the rest of your living room furniture.

Made in Italy.

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