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King sizes sofa beds. Now available. Three seater and king size mattress

Momentoitalia offers a wide selection of modern sofa beds. For those who need comfortable queen or full size beds and dont have spare rooms, for those who need to save space and have a quick solution without giving up modern design, our selected innovative sofa beds represent a great solution. They have a great design, they are easy to use and they look simply fantastic, also available with storage space, storage pockets and storage chaises. Everything you needs to create superior seating and bedding solutions. .


modern sofa bed in king size mattress


modern sofa bed with indipent opening system


Ever wanted a king size sofa bed? well now you can get it! This is one of the few sofa beds mega, available with European king size bed of 71 inches width! No more sharing space! Not only you are purchasing a beatiful modern sofa bed plus but you will not compromise your sleeping hours anymore! Lovely Italian design. We like the rounded shaped armrests which end up into the generous back cushions and the tufty seat cushions now available in a three seater! A sofa bed three seater with king size bed is a unique opportunity. Do you think it looks like a sofa bed at all? And if this is not enough this sofa bed feature large wood slats anti sagging special system and a super comfy polyurethane mattress. Available in multiple sizes with many different fabrics and leather options.

Made in Italy

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Sometimes you need a queen size sofa bed for your two guests. Sometimes it's just one guest. So if you want to avoid crumpy spaces now you can. Because this clever sofa bed has two indipendent single bed opening. Open the left or the right side only , as you fit, to accomodate your friend and leave him some space around to organize his stuff. Another friend is joining later on? then open the second side! How clever is that? But don't worry there is also a standard version with regular queen size opening. This beautiful elegant modern sofa bed is everything you need. Available in different sizes and multiple fabric options and leather colors.

Made in Italy

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modern sofa bed with headboard and chaise


modern sofa bed compact size


This piece is so interesting and full of great design ideas where do we start? Ok let's say that this is the only sofa bed with a real headboard. Yes you heard us, a real headboard! Indeed, the back of this sofa can be unfolded up to reveal a headboard. You can choose to have this piece without armrests or standard armrest at the same height of the back but there is also a different option where you can use an extra long armrest on either side, that when combined with the ottoman will form a chaise lounge A very clever design. Different sizes and bed sizes available, multiple fabric options and leather colors.

Made in Italy

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One of the few sofa beds to have a super compact size and still featuring a queen size convertible bed. With a mere 78" length you can still get a 63" queen size bed! Isn't that fabolous? We also love the simple design and the unique seat and back cushions, without any breaking line. Very elegant and perfect for every use, in the office, at home, in a studio. Easy opening system and available in other sizes and multiple fabrics and leather options. Italian design and quality.

Made in Italy

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modern sofa bed Italian style


modern sofa bed with clean lines


A very successfull and evergreen product for those who are in need of a beautiful modern sofa which converts into bed with a very easy movement. Thin armrests and thick comfortable cushions, strong and sturdy bedspring and easy opening mechanism. Polyurethane foam mattress, anatomic, perspirant, with removable cover. Available in different sizes with different bed sizes as well. The opening system is easy to use : do not remove any cushions, simply pull the back cushions forward and the sofa will reveal a beautiful ready to sleep on bed! Also available with chaise lounges, single armchairs which become single beds, ottomans and more optional for you to create exciting personalized compositions. Multiple fabric and leather options to choose from.

Made in Italy

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Cod. SB 26

If you like a determined look with bold shape and still a great good looking modern piece this is the right product for you. Extremely easy to open just a quick movement, available as standard sofa bed or sectional sofa compositions with thick armrests and extremely comfortable back and seat cushions. This model is also available with oversize amrests or thinner armrests to create multiple compositions, mix and match the pieces. You can also add storage chaise lounges, ottomans and armchairs which are also available with convertible single beds! What more would you need? the bedspring is comfortable and strong, the opening system is easy to use without removing any cushions you open the sofa into bed by simply pulling forward the back cushions. Available in fabric or leather with many choices. You can have queen size bed or smaller bed sizes. Many options available.

Made in Italy



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