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Choosing your sofa should be a a pleasant experience. Choose between our luxurious selection of Italian design sofas, available in modern compositions or just singles, with rich modern fabrics and leather covers, available with multiple options in sizes and complements. Only the higher standards are guaranteed by the Italian design.


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Cod. S 56

Design: A. Scarpitta. Contemporary sofa available in multiple compositions. Thick base and armrests with firm back cushions give a nice support with the extra help of the adjustable headrest which can be lifted up at different heights, for a straight seat position and good back comfort. Comfortable armrests . This modern sofa can become the ideal family room sofa if taken in a sectional composition, with chaise lounges and ottomans. Our Italian sofas can embrace the minimalistic concept as well as a contemporary style. That is why when our customers shop for modern Italian sofas they are certain to get what they want through us. This modern sofa features a wood structure covered in polyurethane expanded foam at different densities. Wide selection of fabric and leather covers all available fix or removable. Different sizes are available. As shown: 80" longth - 40" depth - 31.5"

Made in Italy.

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Cod. S 24

Design: Paola Vella and Ellen Bernhardt. The beauty of Italian design. The comfort of the Italian quality. This modern eclectic sofa is extremely versatile, and accentuated by a double layer of back cushions in goose down whith polyurethane foam inserts which makes them extremely comfortable. This modern sofa is available in two different back and armrests heights and width to to achieve a personalized standard of comfort, and the sofa can be easily disassembled for an easy transportation. Luxurious fabrics and leather selection. This modern sofa is also available in sectional version with a series of accessories to create the perfect sofa set. Also available with chaise lounge, ottomans and open seat pieces. A wonderful style sofa with high comforts. As shown: length 86" - depth 39.3" - height 34". Different compositions and sizes available.

Made in Italy.

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modern sofa furniture Italian designer furniture
modern sofa furniture

Cod. S 112

Design: Cini Boeri. The first thing to say about this exquisite sofa is that it is extremely modular, thanks to its 22 different elements. Moreover, you can create round big composition as it features curved end elements for bigger spaces such as a modern loft, a big estate, a beach house and any large living space. We love the contrast between the firm seat and structure and the softer down feathers back cushions as it appears less rigorous yet keeps a modern look. This sofa was initially designed in 1974 and was revisited into a modern version. The designer of this clever sofa assures us that you can easily fall asleep on this one! Available in multiple fabrics and leather in different colors. As shown : lenght 123" - depth 40" - height 30.3"

Made in Italy

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Cod. S 113

Design: Carlo Colombo. This enchanting modern sofa has a "frame" system expressed in its outer structure which literally frame its cushions. It gives maximum comfort with its super softcushions and it is easy to fall asleep and forget about the world. The armrests are as well made of soft padded polyurethane foam and the chrome feet elevate the whole design. There is also a more luxurious version represented by a woven thick leather structure, which you can be used on the sofa itself or on the chaise lounge elements. In this case you create a diversification and make the whole set more luxurious. The chaise elements can be used alone and they are perfectly able to create a fantastic modern seating space. This beauty is available in many different fabrics and in leather. As shown: 140" lenght - 40.5" depth - 30.3" height. Different sizes available.

Made in Italy

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designer sofa

Cod. S

Lounge sofa with generous cushions also available in a sofa bed version. The big back cushions are suported by a reclinable headrest on the back. You can make sectional compositions by adding a chaise lounge. Available in many different fabric types and leather options.

Made in Italy

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Cod. S 119

Design Hannes Wettstein. This sofa presents a minimalistic design yet attention to ergonomics. Long and light with metal lacquered feet in different colors. Armchair, loveseat and stretched two seater sofas to accomodate up to 4 - 5 persons are available. Covering may be leather or fabric in different types. Armchair: - 41" depth - height 29".

Made in Italy

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