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Designer modern sofas, Italian quality sofa furniture from top designers

Momentoitalia is proud of its line of Italian modern sofas. This modern collection is manufactured by a well known Italian company in Northern Italy following old Italian family traditions. Every detail is important and taken in consideration, either this may be a sofa foot shape or an optional piece to enrich the concept. Behind our modern colleciton of sofas and sectionals there is a superior quality and craftmanship made in Italy. You can choose your size, your configuration, you can combine complements to your sofa layout, you can choose your fabric color and texture as well as prestigious material such as alcantara or leather.

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Cod. S 11

Design:Paola Vella. One of our best good looking sofa ever, this wonderful stylish urban style sofa can reinvent itself and be suitable for every living room set. Beautiful modern design, modern and comfort are underlined and enphatized in its huge structure embellished by the quilted feater seat cushions. The armrests are soft with best pading and the seat is deep and comfortable. The back is low and available in two heights. Infinite sizes allow you to create endless compositions. Available in modern gorgeous fabric covers and leather colors. As shown: 93.7" inches length - 40.5" depth - 27" height 23.6" or 27" inches.

FROM 7,000$ AND UP - Made in Italy

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Cod. S 04

Design:Umberto Ansago. The Naviglio sofa by Arflex is a designer sofa where shapes,comfort and quality are all exhalted into the perfect balance. This sofa can look lovely in any area, in your loft, in your living room in your studio. The most outstanding is the version made with antique leather, a leather which is oily waxed specifically to show signs and getting a vintage look with time. A best seller sofa. The solid wood structure is topped by thick cushions and armrests made of polyurethane and down feather for the perfect comfort. The feet are a dark brushed metal. Available in regular full grain leather, vintage antique leather, aniline superior leather, fabric , and high tech fabrics. Available in different sizes .

FROM 7,000$ AND UP - Made in Italy

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Cod. S 05

Design: inside design. Wonderful modern sofa with a superior quality and beautiful lines. Elegance and style come out from this wonderful Italian creation. We love this sofa from head to toe. The back cushions are wide and comfortable and can be lifted up for maximum comfort. The armrests are smooth and extend into the back cushions through harmonious curves. The legs are sleek shining bars which run from front to back giving the whole set extra lush. The collection is enriched by functional pieces to create the perfect modern composition. Single armless seating pieces can be used as armchairs or connect to the sofa to create an extende chaise lounge. Standard chaises or chaises with built in ottomans are also available . With its minimalisti design and the Italian style touch this is the perfect sofa for any upscale luxury living room. Different sizes available. Gorgeous fabrics textures and leather colors available. As shown: 97.6" length - depth 40" - height 27.5"/40" - armchair which becomes chaise lounge: width 34.6" .

FROM 7,000$ AND UP - Made in Italy - Made in Italy

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COD. SS 13

Design: Paola Vella & Ellen Bernhardt. Bellissimo! So comfortable! sooo soft! modern sofa with large back and seat cushions filled with down feathers. The base and armrests are all upholstered. The aremrests and back can be completely disassembled for easy furniture transportation. Very elegant Italian furniture piece, with a comfortable large chaise lounge and a light soft design. The feet are shine chrome. Perfect in any contemporary home who's looking for fine superior Italian furniture. This modern sofa is available in a lots of sizes and lots of fabrics selection. If you are looking for a easy solution for your living room furniture but need a modern design, this is the perfect Italian style sofa. High or low armrest.

FROM 7,000$ AND UP - Made in Italy

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modern sofas italian furniture designer contemporary
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Cod. S 28

Design: Studio R.E.S. Modern Italian sofa with a minimalistic design but lots of good intentions. Simple but very elegant, its proportions are balanced and well conceived. A simple design suitable for any kind of home design need. Great comfort sleek straight armrests which leave big space to the seating area and enlight the whole sofa body. The base extend to the floor with no open space and is enhanced by a chrome shine bar which runs throughout. The back is slightly curved parallel to the armrest height. The back pillows are soft and supported by extra round pillows positioned on the back of the cushions. Available in single and sectional compositions and lots of sizes and fabric selections. Must see it! a must have! As shown: . length 10.3 ft or 12.3 ft or 14.3 feet. Depth 3.1 feet. Different sizes available. Wide range of fabrics and leather available for this gorgeous modern Italian sofa which can be enhanced by multiple optionals like two kind of modern chaise lounges, ottomans, single armchairs and shaped elements. As shown : 12.3 feet length - 37.4" inches depth - 32.3" height.

FROM 7,000$ AND UP - Made in Italy

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Cod. SS 88

Design: Studio R.E.S. Italian design can create simple shapes and make it perfectly balanced. This modern sofa is available in single straight shapes available in different sizes, and more complex sectional compositions with shaped ending elements, open seats and corner elements. Plus you can create modern layouts by adding two different kind of chaise lounges. The body proportions are impressive. The thin mid-height armrests perfectly balance the thick base (the body has no feet while it sits on inner feet hidden by an elegant chrome tubolar base); and the back structure extend from the armrests while the back pillows are left movable and soft so you can adjust them at your own pace. If you dont have enough space and want to maximize the seating experience this is the sofa for you. Our modern Italian sofas are available in a wide selection of fabrics and leather. Multiple sizes layouts and configurations available. As shown: approx 155" length with a total depth of 53"(shaped elements).

FROM 7,000$ AND UP - Made in Italy

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