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At momentoitalia every designer sectional sofa follow the strict concept of only the best Italian modern furniture. Whether if you are looking for a soft comfortable sectional for your family room, to gather and relax precious moments with your beloved ones, or an elegant modern sofa to enrich your living room area, or the ultimate designer sofa for your modern city loft we have plenty of choice. Italian quality manufacturing and top quality service.


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modern sectional sofas,designer sectional sofas,Italian designer sofas

COD. SS 01

Design: Biba design. Our number one new product, one of Momentoitalia's new favorites. Superb design, extremely high top line product, this modern sectional sofa is our new best top selling model of the year. Beautiful design, it looks so pure and clean, so minimalistic and classy it is a remarkable fine looking high quality sofa. The design is exceptional and clever. The base is elegant. The armrests are reasonably wide and smooth and curve when joinining the back structure in a unique piece. The seats are wide and made of non deformable polyurethane foam with inside springs to keep it firm and steady. The seat is shaped underneath in a way that stop the seat by moving or sliding forward. The back is extremely comofortable and equipped with a flip up indipendent mechanism which allow to fold up each back indipendently. The structure is made of high quality poplar wood for durable use all padded with polyurethane foam and covered with velveteen fibre. This modern sofa is available in single or modern sectional compositions. This modern sectional sofa is completely customizable and a lot of useful elements can be addes. High quality leather cover and lots of fabrics textures and colors. The composition shown above is the best selling composition and is made of a long terminal element with two wider seats and one terminal element with incorporated ottoman which you can use as a seat or as a chaise. As shown: 117.3" width x 75.98" depth (chaise) - depth of body : 40.55". Available in many different sizes and modern compositions.

Made in Italy

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Cod. SS 21

Design: Carlo Colombo. Elegant modern designer sofa with super comfortable seat and back cushions made of down feathers. The structures can be enriched by adding up hide leather woven frame which run through the back and armrests to make it still more elegant and rich. It has a easy and loose comfortable feeling. Available as standard straight sofa or sectional, with multiple fabrics and leather to choose from. By adding more throw-in pillows you can add more drama and give an extra touch of style. This designer sofa is the ideal designer solution for family rooms and living rooms and lounging seating areas. As shown: 13.2' x 11'.

FROM 9,000$ and up. Made in Italy

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modern sectional sofas,designer sectional sofas,Italian furniture sectional sofas
designer sofas,designer furniture,designer sectional sofas,Italian furniture

Cod. SS 22

Design: Cini Boeri. An evolution of a design of the 70's, the architect ensure that if you lay down you can fall asleep on this magnificent modern designer sofa which is also available in curved compositions. This is one of the few sofas also made with curved element to create round or semi circular compositions. The back cushion are soft and when combined with a curved embracing back it assures great comfort. Available also in modern straight compositions and L shapes. Available in modern fabrics and many leather colors. Round compositions: 15' x 6' - 17.5' x 7' - 20' x 10'

Round compositions from 20,000$ and up . Made in Italy

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Cod. SS 23

Design: Carlo Colombo. Inspired by the high peaks of the mountains, this superior designer sofa is made of a series of single seats combined together to reach limitless possibilities and long compositions. The back represents the high mountains while the soft cushions represent the clouds, like a beautiful landscape. Elegant modern sectional sofa composition with a large seating space and romantic details. The seat cushions have that comfy tufty feeling and te throw in pillows give that extra softness. Each element ranges from 41" with arm and 38.5" armless to create many different composition and a large variation of sizes. Choose high back or low back following your preferred taste or design needs.As shown 10' x 10'.

FROM 12,000$ and up . Made in Italy

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modern designer sofas italian furniture

Cod. SS 24

Design: Carlo Colombo. This designer sofa expresses a sense of lightness and freedom. Its curved light armrests and the slightly curved back evoke the flight of a bird and its spreading wings. So clean in its line, so pure and so elegant. A very unique designer sofa for your modern home. Available with two or three seats , with matching designer armchairs and ottoman. Many different modern fabrics coverings and modern colors and a wide variety of leather colors. Elegant modern sectional sofa composition with a large seating space and romantic details. As shown: three seater sofa with ottoman . 8' long + ottoman.

FROM 7,000$ and up . Made in Italy

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Cod. SS 25

Design: Mario Marenco. Who would have thought that this modern sofa was initially designed in 1976? Well it is so hard to imagine except when you think that behind this project is a creative mind. This designer sofa is still so modern with such a pure clean design which brings us back to the essetial shapes. Don't need too much to have such a great design. This modular sofa is available with high or low armrests. Multiple fabrics selection an leather colors, matching armchair and compositions available in different sizes. As shown: 10.4' x 10'

Compositions from 12,000$ and up . Made in Italy

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