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When you are looking for modern furniture, you can be sure to find fine elegant Italian furniture through momentoitalia. We believe in high end quality furniture with the Italian design which expresses its best in the sofas and living room furniture. Choose our modern Italian furniture collection for your home, for an elegant and classy home, a fresh design, the Italian design which is known for its creativity, minimalistic concept and quality.

italian designer modern sofas sectional sofa furniture
modern ITALIAN furniture designer sofas sectional

COD. SS 14

Superb living room composition, one of the most elegant majestic and functional living room Italian sofa. This is a huge Italian furniture set which has it all. Superior robust body with lots of functionality and details. The seats slide forward into a chaise seat and the back is equipped with a flip up headrest, so you can transform it and make it more casual or keep it clean. Non deformable polyurethane foam seat cushions reinforced with inside springs. The composition can be made through a wide number of optionals and pieces. The armrests are shaped and curve on top creating a nice contrast with the straight back. Available in a large number of fabric selections completely removable for dry cleaning and also available in gorgeous leather colors. As shown: 124" x 114" . Different sizes available.

Made in Italy

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COD. SS 11 BLOW SOFA by Arflex

Design: M. Lipparini. A dynamic sofa with lots of possibilities. The secret is all about its wonderfull Italian design, created by a famous Italian architect. The plus is represented by its flexible and thick back, equipped with a special inside mechanism which allow it to curve into the sofa seat and give a sensual shape to the piece. The flexible back makes every composition special, modern and uniuqe, it transforms its shape and can add up movement to lots of elements. The armrests are also thick and feel like an indipendent element and are available in two heights. This modern Italian sectional sofa is available in single or sectional versions with lots of elements starting from love seat to end element, corners, ottomans and side tables and let you easily match different styles to create your fine Italian furniture living room. A modern Italian sofa with best of both worlds: superior quality and modern Italian design. The structure is made of wood all covered with high capacity non deformable polyurethane foam, and elastic spring movement. Satin steel feet and chrome modern details on the back. Available in modern fabrics and modern leather colors completely removable except for leather cover.

Made in Italy

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italian modern furniture sofas
italian furniture,modern furniture,designer furniture,modern sofas

COD. SS 15

Beautiful modern sectional sofa with chaise lounge. The seat cushion is thick made of polyurethane foam reinforced with springs. The back is padded with polyurethane foam and equipped with flip up headrests which are very useful when you slide the seat cushions forward to convert them into chaise lounge seat. This is a perfect sofa for your living room, or family room, to relax in front of your tv, for you and your kids. The shape is clean ad the thick armrests are very particular with their curved shapes. This example of superior Italian furniture sofa is available with lots of sizes and pieces, starting from armchairs and finishing with ottomans and chaise lounges. You can create many furniture layouts for your living room and feel the Italian smart design of this sofa. The cover is available in lots of differen fabrics and leathers. As shown: 116.2" X 75" (chaise depth).

Made in Italy

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Design: Mario Marenco. Initially designed in 1970 this incredible modern designer sofa still holds all the beauty as if it was conceived yesterday. No wonder it won the WALL PAPER DESIGN AWARD 2007 as best reissue. It introduced a new system of construction where all cushions and the armrests are easily removable giving the option to assemble and disassemble the sofa in a quick easy way for transportation and for modularity. So each element is produced and covered by its own. The filling is non deformable polyurethane foam at different densities to be softer where it is needed. The design is very particular thanks to this puffy thick cushions and the puff armrests and can really create many different nice modern compositions for the ultimate designer house! Available in many modern coverings both fabric and leather. As shown 10.8' x 10.5' Many different sizes available for multiple compositions.

Made in Italy

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modern sofas designer Italian furniture

COD. SS 19

Design: Paola Vella. Soft lines for this super comfortable designer sofa with metal and wood structure and thick cushions with high density polyurethane foam. Available in different compositions, single or sectional, with ottoman or chaise lounge. Beauty,design and comfort are qualities which certainly stand out in this modern designer Italian sofa. Many different designer fabrics and leather to choose from. As shown: 12'x11'

Made in Italy

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COD. SS 20 STRIP SOFA by Arflex

Design: Cini Boeri. In 1972 the architect Cini Boeri revolutionized the world of home design by creating this sofa, the Strips which is now an ever green of the Arflex collection. It naturally won lots of prices like for instance Compasso D'Oro, and it is now shown in different design museums around the world. The most innovative feature is its modularity combined to a smart quilted cover which is easily put on or removed through a zipper sistem, like a winter coat. So with a quick step you can change the cover and have a completely different sofa. Zip on and off as you please. When design improves quality of life you found the perfect balance in a product. No wonder it is still one of the most sought after product. Avilable in multiple sizes, many different fabrics covers. As shown: 13.3' x 9.2'

Made in Italy

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