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Momentoitalia is the way to shop for modern furniture. Modern contemporary sofas in many different styles for your bedroom and living room furniture. Choose your desiger modern sofa with maximum confidence and be always updated on the latest trends of colors and styles. Our modern sofas represent the best combination of design and quality, style and elegance. Whether if you are looking for sectional sofas, sofa beds or single straight sofas this is the place to shop for the finest quality Italian furniture.

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modern sofa furniture sectional italian design contemporary sofas

Cod. SB 60

Design: Danilo Bonfanti. If you are looking for a sectional sofa but need extra sleeping space and exta storage this is the right product to go with. Composed by two pieces, a 2 seater end element with convertible queen size bed and 1 chaise longue also available with storage space, this is the right solution for a living room sofa and a sofa-bed solution. Quick opening system, no need to remove any cushion: simply pull and unfold the bed while the seat and back cushions are safely protected underneath and dont loose their shapes. Inside hidden pockets to store sheets or pillows. Strong practical bedspring without slats, but with an electrowelded strong net. Wenge square feet. As shown: length 120' x depth 29.5' chaise depth. Different compositions available. watch the sofa bed opening system !

Made in Italy

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When you need to welcome your family members or guests you must be prepared. That is why we offer exceptional modern sofa beds in single and sectional versions to accomodate your needs. When space is limited our modern sectional sofa beds are the best solution for quick clean and durable bed systems. Use them every day or sporadically, the bed system is strong and quick to open. With this featured model, you can have single, full or queen size bed ready to use. Unfold them with a quick movement without removing any cushions. The sofa simply unfold into bed by pulling the back and the seat and back cushions are safely stored underneath so they dont get ruined. A no. 1 sectional sofa with sofabed option. Store pillows and sheets into its two large hidden pockets so you leave nothing behind! Create your own composition thanks to its multiple sizes options. Removable cover and easy to disassemble when moving to another place. Different sizes available. As shown: total lenght 100'x 129.52 or 108' x 141.4' different sizes available. Made in Italy.

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modern sofas design Italian contemporary sectional sofas sofa sofas furniture

Cod. S 28

Spectacular large four seater straight modern sofa. Available in a wide selection of sizes in straight or sectional versions, this modern sofa is elegant, sleek and easily combinable with modern or contemporary furniture. The amrests are narrow and run alongside the cushions to arrive at the same height of the back. The back slightly curves at the top to give more comfort and receive the back cushions which are equiped with an extra support round pillow behind. This modern sofa is fantastic and very elegant from the front,side or back. The base can be equipped with a long chrome bar or with invisible feet. The structure is made of wood all covered with polyurethane foam in different densities covered with velveteen fibre. The cover is available in modern fabrics and colors and is completely removable for dry cleaning. As shown: length 12.3 feet - depth 3.1ft. Different sizes available.

Made in Italy

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Cod. SS 38

Design: D. Bonfanti. Exciting modern details for this large sectional sofa which can be customized following your own taste. This is a sofa for your living room which offer flexibility and style. The composition is made of 3 pieces in a L shape composition. The seat and back cushions are made of polyurethe foam and on the back there are a series of round pillows offering more comfort to the back and head. The aremrsts are wide enough and square and the feet are made of wood with a metal base. This model offer many different modern options such as corners, ottomans and chaise lounges in many different shapes and can also be taken with a sofabed version. But you will never give up its modern design. You can customize your living room sofa composition and create your own modern set. This sofa is available in leather in different colors or in fabric with modern textures and colors. Different sizes are available, also in single versions. As shown: 10 feet x 10 - height 33" - seat height 16.5 ".

Made in Italy. See the modern version with bed

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modern sofas design sofas Italian sofas modern sofa furniture


modern sofa bed with headboard and chaise


Cod. SS 36

Design: D. Bonfanti. Your modern sofa must be something special. From every angle. That is why all our sofas are made to look great also from their "b" sides. This means we are carefull to select the best products which look at ease in every corner. This sofa has a gorgeous design and is very defined. The back cushions are high and reinforced with round pillows for extra support; the seat cushions are soft and wide. Also available with convertible sofa bed. Several design elements can built large funky compositions. It is available in different sizes and cover may be in fabric in different colors and textures or in leather in different modern colors. A modern looking couch. 9.3 feet x 6.4 feet. Height 33" - seat height 16.5".

Made in Italy

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This piece is so interesting and full of great design ideas where do we start? Ok let's say that this is the only sofa bed with a real headboard. Yes you heard us, a real headboard! Indeed, the back of this sofa can be unfolded up to reveal a headboard. You can choose to have this piece without armrests or standard armrest at the same height of the back but there is also a different option where you can use an extra long armrest on either side, that when combined with the ottoman will form a chaise lounge A very clever design. Different sizes and bed sizes available, multiple fabric options and leather colors.

Made in Italy

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