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modern sectional sofas Italian furniture

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Momentoitalia is your boutique to shop for modern sofas. We have a wide collection of modern single and sectional Italian sofa furniture. If you are looking to create a modern living room area you will find appealing modern sofas available in a wide range of fabrics and leather colors, modern sofa beds for saving space, single design Italian sofas and complements for your living room area. Every year our collection is enriched with new modern pieces which follow the trend and satisfy the demand for modern Italian design..

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modern sectional sofas Italian furniture sofa leather


Cod. SS 29

This elegant modern sectional is all about movement. The design is very particular and unique. Let's start from the flexibility: tens of different elements and complements to create unique combinations. The seat cushions are comfortable and shaped like unique pillow cushions while the back cushions are movable and supported by a back shelf which can be made in hide leather, wood, mdf lacquered in all of the RAL colors or padded and fabric covered. The elements can sit on benches and rotate 30 degrees or more to create cozy and warming compositions slightly curved facing toward a particular area of the room either this be a fireplace or a tv. By choosing the wood back shelf these sofa elements can be also used as working stations because the shelf can become a support as occasional desk! This sofa is available in many different fabric options, leather and more. Available with arms or armless.

Different sizes available

Made in Italy.

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Cod. SS 30

This amazing sectional sofa bed is one of the latest addition of our collection, an elegant sofa with many elements to create different layouts. Available in two seats or three seat sofa and in sectional with corner, chaise lounges and end element with open back. The seat is mae of polyurethane foam at different densities while the back cushions add up softness with down feathers. The cover is completely removable for dry cleaning and available in many differet fabric options, colors, textures, in leather or faux leather.

Size: different sizes available

Made in Italy

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modern sofas,modern sectional sofas,contemporary sofas,design sofas,Italian sofas,modern Italian sofas

Cod. SS 85

If your are looking for big lounge sofas and can count on wide living room spaces this modern sectional sofa composition will really fill up your space without looking too bulky. Its modern intelligent design contrasts the big modern sofas which are on the market by maximizing the seating space and slimming up its profile. This modern composition arrives to large sizes without looking heavy; this is possible thankful to few basic structural details such as the sleek tall armrests which elevate the whole composition in height and the slim seat cushions which give lightness to the whole concept. Modern intelligent Italian design. This sofa collection can be composed in many different ways and combined with modern chaise lounges and shaped elements. Different sizes available. Available in different kind of fabrics and leather colors. Completely removable cover. As shown: 8' ft by 13' x 4.43' feet approx.

Made in Italy.

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Cod. SS 88

Sexy and appealing, this modern sofas collection represent the best choice for any kind of customer: a busy professional either man or woman who needs a stylish classy living area with a compact design, a family who needs large compositions for their family rooms or entertainment centers, a couple looking for minimalistic yet modern and comfortable sofas for their tv rooms. There is no limit to the different compositions this sofa can come with, shaped ending elements,ottomans and chaise lounges are all part of the game to create the ultimate modern sofa composition for your home. Different sizes available. Available in fabric or leather in different colors. As shown: Approx 13.4' feet .

Made in Italy

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modern sofas modern sectional sofas modern sofa furniture
modern sofas furniture Italian sectional couch sleeper sofa

COD. SS 33

Design: D. Bonfanti. A gorgeous modern sofa composition made to entertain, relax and lounge in your living room. Too many sweet details make of this sectional sofa the perfect choice for a family, a single professional or a couple. Made of three pieces, it is available in a series of multiple compositions including chaise lounges, ottomans and modern central elements. Top winning composition, the layout featured in the picture is made of a terminal element with bed, a long chaise element with corner and one ottoman. The back cushions are soft and comfortable with double pillow on the back, while the other end element features a container element on the back to give an extra elegant touch. An ottoman complete the set. This modern sofa is available in fabric in different textures, patterns and colors, or in leather in different colors. Also available in different sizes and compositions. Cover completely removable. The winning touch: available also with pull out bed! Wood and metal feet. As shown: 10 feet x 9.7 feet - height 33" - seat height 16.5.

Made in Italy

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COD. SS 31

Design: D.Bonfanti. If you are looking for a comfortable sofa with hig back cushions and thick seat cushions with a modern design this is the perfect sofa for you. And if you also need a sofa bed solution then you just found the perfect sofa for your living room! Exceptional modern style with thick armrests and thick cushions, elegant modern feet and hundreds of possibilities. This piece starts as a single two or three seater sofa but can also be composed in large configurations. The armrests are thick and comfortable, the feet are modern and elegant and if you choose the convertible bed option, the sofa easily transform into a queen size strong bed in two quick steps. To enrich your modern sofa there are different optional elements such as chaise lounges, two sizes ottomans, and shaped fun corners. Available in modern colors fabrics and gorgeous leather colors, the cover is completely removable for dry cleaning. As shown: width 10.5 feet - depth 67" (chaise) - height 33" - seat height 16.5". Different sizes available.

Made in Italy

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