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Leather may be soft , smooth, colored or printed. Leather may show tone variations,sings and differences in textures because of its naturaleness. Leather is a plus when applied to furniture. Leather combined with modern design? a winning combination. You can easily realize that by browsing our collection of modern tables and chairs where leather is applied to table legs,dining room chairs,ottomans,mirrors,sofas and beds. Yes it is expensive, but it is certainly worth the price. If you like leather then enjoy browsing our webpage to find modern design leather furniture products which are also customizable in terms of colors.

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Cod. TP 14

Design:Grassi & Bianchi. This is the TP 20 no arms version chair. It is extremely versatile, large and confrotable and easy to move it around. Completely covered with luxury leather, it is available in 30 different colors. Visible stitchings complete the look of this modern dining room leather chair. Choose same color stitchings or different color to create your own style.


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Cod. AC 01

Design: Franco Albini 1952 . From the " historic pieces" collection comes this modern armchair designed in 1939 by Franco Albini and put in production in 1952. Before that it was produced in limited samples, by local artisans and went through different changes througout the years. As of today it still keeps that absolute modern look which will shine in any room, while giving an ergonomic comfortanle seat feeling. Made of solid wood available in walnut color or black lacquered, the seat and back are polyurethane foam and the cover is available in fabric or leather in many different colors and textures. Superb moder Italian furniture. This designer armchair is also available with matching ottoman. This armchair is the ideal solution for both residential and contract projects. You can use this modern designer armchair also for your office, in your home studio, in hotel lobbies and more.

Size: width 28.7" - depth 36.2" - height 40.5" - seat height 17.4"

Made in Italy

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Cod. TP 21

Design: Inside design. If you want to treat yourself with luxury, this is the perfect chair for you. Completely covered with thick leather, including the legs, this modern dining chairs with arms is a wonderful combination of design and luxury. Available in 30 different modern leather colors it features also visible stitchings, available in smae color of contrasting color. The collection includes dining room chairs with arms, dining chair without arms, larger armchairs, stools and loveseat! Give importance to your dining room set by adding these modern dining room chairs and choose from happy colorful shades or neutral tones. The leather used is a natural thick hide leather but it is also available in the softest full grain leather. The inside structure is made of steel. This dining chair is light and practical, easy to move. Width 22.8" - d 18" - height 32.7" - seat height 17.5" Made in Italy.

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Cod. AC 08

Design: A. Scarpitta. This retro-modern armchair represents a glance of elegance for your home. Its stylish modern design makes it suitable to accompany every sofa either in a single or sectional version and a trendy lounge area is guaranteed. The most selling armchair of our entire collection. A modern design which never goes out of trend, it has a wood structure available in 3 different finishes: wenge - walnut - cherry. The structure is upholstered with polyurethane expanded with a comfortable density and the metal details of the arms makes of this chair an evergreen pieces.

Sizes: 31.5' - depth 33.5' - height 31'

Made in Italy.


dining room chairs
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Cod. TP 11

Design: C Werner. Modern looking, tested and patent design, fine looking lines, the chair seems to be suspended and projected to lightness. Miminalistic look and massive steel structure with seat and back covered with hide leather available in 30 colors. The chair is also available without arms. Very comfortable, it flexes down while seating and it eliminates stiffness and guarantee a high comfort. Structure available in glossy or satin finish. Width 24" - d 22" - h 33.5" - seat h 18,1"

Made in Italy.

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Cod. LC 12

Design: Red Creative. Very elegant modern dining chair with comfortable seat, and fully covered in leather. Available in more than 20 colors with visible stitchings this is the ultimate designer chair for a fantastic ultra luxe modern dining room. Thanks to the many different colors it can be combined with lots of different room decor. The treasure of this modern designer chair lays in its wonderful details, its perfect stitchings and the layered sumptuous thick leather.Momentoitalia brings you the best in modern design!

Made in Italy.

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