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If you are looking for quality modern kids furniture why not look better into this selection of adult furniture which also looks great to create a perfectly tailored modern kid's room, for your teen kids either boy or girl. Teenage furniture at the best because it is a custom adult furniture tailored especially for kids and teens, boys or girls. Choose girls or boy colors and get the same quality of adult furniture.


modern wall beds space saving furniture

modern design sofa beds


If you need to save space but are looking for bed solutions this modern wall bed may be the right solution. Free standing bed which stands verticalle without taking too much space of your home and comes down with a simple touch, slowly and effortlessly to reveal a single bed with a comfortable mattress. When close, the wall bed can also be used to store little items such as cds or keys which can be stucked into the horizontal openings.

Width 39.3" - depth 11" - depth opened 88.5" - height 88.5" .Bed size 33.5" x 77".

Made in Italy

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Cod. SB 51

Most of our adult furniture sofa beds collection can be used in smaller sizes if you need a cute full or single size sofa bed for your kid's room. They are available in many different sizes , starting from a chair-bed, and with many happy colorful fabrics if you need vibrant colors like red, blue, yellow we do have it! So please inquire and let us show you all of the options! Narrow armrests sofa bed. This modern sofa bed features narrower armrests and an option to have front wheels and back feet or both front-back metal feet. Can be completely disassembled. Available in single size full size and queen size. Armchair bed also available!. Watch the sofa bed opening system

Made in Italy

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modern designer armchairs Italian furniture arm chair design modern furniture

Cod. BB 07

Modern soft lines bed with padded bed frame and a thick headboard which is made up of a oversize tufted pillows. Available in different sizes to fit the most various requests. If you have particular needings for your kids room just contact us and we will offer you different choices to create the perfect kid room. Our adult furniture can be used to fit more boys or girls rooms from kids to teenagers. We are flexible in measurements and we have a wide selection of fabrics to choose from. Some of these beds are also available with bed storage space.

Made in Italy.

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Cod. AC 05

Design: Carlo Colombo. This modern eclectic armchairs breaks the boundaries within hard and soft. A unique balance made of rigid polyurethane structure made out of one single mould, polished in white, red or black, then the feeling of comfort and relax given by the soft seat and back cushions made by polyurethane foam and feathers. Suitable for many different uses, imagine how lovely would look in your kids rooms. Sturdy chairs for your kids available in many different fabrics.

Size: width 33" - depth 38" - height 31" - seat height 24"(including cushions)

Made in Italy

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modern bedroom furniture designer chests
modern designer coffee tables italian furniture contemporary furniture modern furniture

Cod BC 12

This modern sleek chest of drawers it is a lovely piece for your kids rooms. It can match any kind of furniture and any design as it can be taken in many different matt or lacquer colors or in wood. It features 4 large drawers so you can organize your kids clothing without them messing all up! It is available with feet or without. You can combine this chest with a nice bed or sofa bed from our colleciton a comfortable armchairs a wardrobe and a nice desk and the room is complete!

Size : width 62.5" - depth 21.3" - height 22"/24.4" depending if with feet or base.

Made in Italy


Cod. LCT 03

Design: Paola Vella. Modern versatile side tables in different heights which can be used alone or combined for many different uses. Very sturdy and available in different colors they can be used as side tables in your kids rooms. Irregularity and geometry mixed together to create these fun tables collection suitable for any room. Structure made of lacquered steel and wood lacquered top. Also available with marble top or lacquered metal top. Available colors: white,black, light blue, red. Other colors may be also ordered.

Size: 17"x 19.3" or 18"x 24.4" o 18"x25.2" . This modern side table features 3 different heights : 13",16" or 22" .

Made in Italy.

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modern lounge armchairs, Italian modern chairs, modern armchairs, Italian furniture
modern cuckoo clocks,cuckoo clocks,modern clocks,cu cu clocks,coo coo

Cod. AC 11

Design: Cini Boeri 1967. A fun piece with a soft comfortable lounge seat feeling and a beautiful modern design. Made of differentiated stress resistant polyurethane foam with a multiplywood base on feet and fabric or leather cover this modern armchair remind us of the pop art movement. Displayed at the Triennale in Milan, it was created by a great architect Ms Cini Boeri. Available in many modern colors. The quality and style of Italian modern furniture which does not leave us with any doubt. This modern piece is suitable for residential projects as well as hotel lobbies or contract projects and will look amazing into kids rooms.

Size: width 25.6" - depth 53" - height 29.5" - seat height 17.4"

Made in Italy

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Design: A. Sala . If you are designing your kids rooms you cannot pass on our of our incredibly attractive designer cuckoo clocks! These cuckoos are the ultimate design touch. We have a wide selection of modern cuckoo clock in many different colors, exclusively made in Italy from the minds of young and acclaimed designers and architects. Browse our cuckoo clocks selection and match them with your kids rooms design. Another winning incredibly beautiful modern cuckoo clock, another smart idea! Quartz movement, the cuckoo features a German mechanism. The cuckoo sings every hour while it sleeps at night and let you quiet. It is also equipped with a high-low-off volume controls.

Width 7.8" - height 16.5".

Made in Italy.

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