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Welcome to momentoitalia gifs collection. Our modern design clocks are the perfect design gift idea. Whether you are looking for birthday gifts,corporate gifts, holiday gifts or a unique gift ideas our modern clocks represent something important to give. A gift that's worth it. Please check for availability for our modern clocks and remember to order them as early as possible in order for you to have your gift delivered on time! We are running out of stock most of the time therefore we suggest you to purchase in advance. We want you to receive your clocks at due time.


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SAVE THE DATE - Modern wall clock

Design: Paolino & Fusi. Modern clock with functionality. Keep track of your important dates! Painted steel black or white color. Diameter 15.75".

Made in Italy.

RETAIL $ 359.00 free shipping!

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LESS - Modern wall clock

Design: A. Sala. Less is more they say. How true is it applied to this gorgeous minimalistic modern design clock. Three simple element combined into a clean designed clock. Made of painted wood, in the colors black, white or fluorescent red. Quartz movement. Diameter 12.6".

Made in Italy

SALE 270$ free shipping

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HMS TYPE - Modern wall clock

Design: D. Serio. Set of 3 wall clocks with different time design made of a black painted wood and white branches. You can use them together or separately in different layouts. Diameter 11.4" - 9.4" - 7.4". Depth 1.5". Quartz movement.

Made in Italy.

RETAIL $ 470.00 for the set - free shipping!

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SCALLOP - Modern wall clock

Design: Karim Rashid. Modern designer wall clocks made of painted metal in the red/violet color or white/green color. Unique gift ideas, especially for corporate gifts, Holidays gifts or birthdays gifts. An outstanding modern designer piece for your home decor. Battery feeding, quartz movement.

Made in Italy.

SALE $ 360.00 free shipping!

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TIME TO PLAY- Modern wall clock

Design: A. Gasperi. A very simple wall clock with a white painted wood round smooth surface, no numbers where the real focus are the hour and minute hands with two human figures who moves at the changing of the hands position. Available in white with red or green hands. Battery feeding, quartz movement.

Made in Italy.

RETAIL $ 329.00 free shipping



SOUVENIR- Modern wall clock

Design: rnd_lab. A special gift, this wall clock can be composed by 3 or 6 elements to be positioned freely on the wall. Quartz movement. Made in Italy. The souvenir clock, in its 3pieces or 6pieces version represents a unique gift for a family member, a business parter or just a friend. It is so versatile that will fit in every room either a home or an office. The souvenir clock is one of the most sold clock for corporate gifts and corporate gift catalogs.

Made in Italy

SALE $ 359.00 for 3 modules or 540$ for 6 modules. free shipping

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modern wall clocks >> 1 2 3 4


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