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Welcome to momentoitalia designer clocks collection. Our modern design clocks are the perfect design gift idea. Whether you need a gift for your friends or office co-workers our modern clocks selection can really help you to give a gift you will be sure they will never return! Please check for availability for our modern clocks and remember to order them as early as possible in order for you to have your gift delivered on time! We are running out of stock most of the time therefore we suggest you to purchase in advance. We want you to receive your clocks at due time.


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TIMELINE - Modern wall clock

Design: A. Sala Curious modern wall clock available in different colors. The clock is made of painted wood in black orange or green color with white design and brances. Very nice design with letter numbers indicated by a line. 26" width - 13.8".

Made in Italy.

SALE 290.00 free shipping!

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FLYER WACO - Modern wall clock

Design: A. Sacchetti. For those who likes airplanes and their history this modern wall clock is like a picture frame. So beautifully designed the clock seems to be ready to take its flight, with that three dimensional design and color contrasting effect it gives movement and a chromatic effect to the wall. Made of wood. Available background color white, black or green. Quartz movement. Battery feeding

Made in Italy.

SALE $ 360.00 free shipping

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FLUX - - Modern wall clock

Design: Karim Rashid. Gorgeous modern wall clock designed by one of the most acclaimed designer of our times, Karim Rashid. His touch is visible in the beautiful curves of this modern wall clock which is represent a great choice for corporate gifts, Holidays gifts and special gifts. Painted metal available in the following colors: white - black - neon red. Battery feeding.

Made in Italy.

SALE 439.00 free shipping!

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TARGET - Modern wall clock

Design: A. Sala. Gorgeous modern wall clocks with wonderful happy colors! Gorgeous to use anywhere you want, perfect as a gift idea~ Wood painted available in a red or green main color with other mixing colors. Quartz movement. Diameter 18". Made in Italy. Momentoitalia brings you wonderful decor objects for your home.

Made in Italy.

SALE 279.00 free shipping!

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TIME TRAVEL - Modern wall clock

Design: G. Minchillo. Travel with your mind to your beloved cit and keep the city of your dreams close to you, every day, every minute and every second. This clock is available with many different cities design and features two clocks movements. Choose from: Il Cairo - Rio de Janeiro - New York - Agra - Paris - Tokyo - Berlin - Barcelona - Venice - Florence - Hong Kong - Prague. Made of wood. Quartz movement. Battery feeding. Size 15.7" x 15.7"

Made in Italy

$ 239.00 free shipping!

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PROSPECTIVE - Modern wall clock

Design: Paolino & Fusi. Modern design clock with a threedimensional design. It looks gorgeous when view from the side with its prospective design or from the front. A clock destined to be a great success. Painted wood. Quartz movement. 11.8"x11.8"

Made in Italy.

$ 379.00 free shipping!

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