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Welcome to momentoitalia clocks collection. A selection of modern designer clocks wall hanging or table seating cloks. Designed by young creative designers, these modern clocks put emphasy to your home design. Different shapes, material and colors available to get the nicest look for your room. Our modern design clocks are perftect as gift ideas.Please check for availability for our modern gifts and remember to order them as early as possible in order for you to have your gift delivered on time! We are running out of stock most of the time therefore we suggest you to purchase in advance. We want you to receive your gift at due time.


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ROUND TIME - Modern wall clock

Design: Rnd Lab. Beautiful designer wall clock composed by 12 wooden or plastic cubes representing the hours plus 1 holding the arms. This cubes can be positioned on a white wooden panel or randomly on the wall to create a shocking effect. This designer modern clock is more than justa clock, it is a smart design idea to fill up your empty wall! This clock comes in 3 options: plastic black cubes with white numbers, plastic white cubes with black numbers, wenge wood cubes with silver numbers. Give space to your creativity and enjoying installing this funky modern clock on the wall; compose your own design! The only and original round time has won many awards since the date of its creation. This is the one and only original design made in Italy...beware of copies! The perfect solution for your gift ideas, this design clock arrives in a special gift box. Each cube is 2.4" x 2.4".

Made in Italy.

SALE $ 270.00 free shipping

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ROUND TIME Optical - Modern wall clock

Design: Rnd Lab. A new version of the famous round time wall clock with a different design for the cubes and number. Optical numbers made of this unique clock a more eclectic version for the extrame design passionates. Position the clock in many different ways on the wall, or freely follow your imagination. Also this modern version come with white cubes and black color numbers or viceversa. Momentoitalia offer the best modern designer clocks with gorgeous designs! Batteries and screw for wall fastening included. Each cube is 2.4"x2.4".

Made in Italy.

SALE $ 270.00 free shipping

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SEVEN - Modern wall clock

Design: Karim Rashid. Another creation by the famous eclectic designer Karim Rashid. We love the soft rouned curves and the extreme modern design. Available in black, green or white, with colored hands and a stylish look this clock makes the perfect designer gift! Choose it for your corporate gifts or your Holidays or birthdays gifts, any celebration make this modern designer wall clock a wonderful object to give to your beloved ones! Quartz movement, battery feeding.

Made in Italy.

SALE 399.00 free shipping!

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COR_NICE - Modern wall clock

Design: rnd_lab. Designer clocks wall hanging mandatory. It looks like a frame but it is not a paint, but it is certainly a piece of art! Its design reminds of a retro-modern picture frame and the background is colored in black or gold color. A designer clock which put emphasis on your wall and can be easy combined with different styles or decor accents. Retro modern design which reminds of an antique frame. Quartz movement. Battery feeding. Width 33.4" - height 25.6".

Made in Italy.

SALE 340.00$ free shipping!

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modern wall clocks,designer clocks,design wall clocks
modern wall clocks

TIME IS TIGHT- Modern wall clock

Design: rnd_lab. Designer wall clock in painted wood in red or black color. White color numbers.Quartz movement. Made in Italy. At momentoitalia we have a wide selection of modern clocks. Our modern designer clocks are designed by young Italian professional architects and designers. Through their creativity and their research we are able to bring you very nice decor objects such as wall clocks, home accessories, and home gifts. Lenght 59" - height 2.4".

Made in Italy.

SALE 370.00 free shipping

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SKYLINE - Modern wall clock

Design: Paolino & Fusi. What a clever design. A clock which easily becomes a decor objects for your wall, an exquisite design with 5 different skyline designs available: New York,Paris,Florence and Honk Kong. The background is avialable in red, black or white. Painted wood. Quartz movement. Width 31.1" - height 9.9".

Made in Italy.

SALE 290.00$ free shipping!

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